Huon Pine

Suitable for a range of projects: wood turners, furniture, box makers. Robert of Tasmanian Tonewoods Timbers & Veneers works closely with good friend Randal Morrison of Tasmanian Special Timbers to bring you the most beautiful & ancient Tasmanian Huon pine available for you to turn in to works of art.

Salvaged Ancient Huon Pine Opportunity

Long before Hannibal took elephants across the Alps, Huon Pine trees took root on the banks of Traveller Creek, close to where it joins the King River, east of Queenstown.

While human civilisations were rising and falling, wars being fought all over the globe and technologies rapidly developing, the trees stood silently, gradually developing girth and height.

By the time explorer Cliff Bradshaw brought his family, which would grow to 12 children, to set up their sawmill settlement on the Princess River – another tributary of the King – in 1936, the Huon Pine trees were enormous; some dead, but timber still beautifully intact. In the 1950’s the mill employed 21 workers. With their families they created quite a village at the Princess River. The fire-killed King William Pine trees on the Raglan and Eldon Ranges were the major focus of Cliff’s logging activities, and the Huon Pine on the Traveller Creek remained unmolested.

In 1990 fate brought the Bradshaw sawmill and the ancient Huon together: both of their homes would be inundated by the rising waters of the hydro electric impoundment on the King River which became known as Lake Burbury. Huon Pine and other valuable timber were removed before their habitat was flooded, and Cliff’s sons, Bern and Henry, undertook the careful operation of removing the tree and transporting it to their new mill location at Lynchford on the western side of Queenstown. Boys – now old men – who had grown up in the King River Valley were now custodians of ancient trees which had lived in the same valley.

It was there that the Bradshaws set about establishing the most efficient and professional operation they could develop in partnership with well known Huon Piners, the Morrison family.

Robert works very closely with Randal Morrison, and is proud to be part of this story. Today Robert is offering you a unique opportunity to continue the history by resurrecting this valuable Huon Pine into unique works of art.

Available now are a quantity of logs suitable for milling, sculptured pieces for carving, ancient stumps and root systems for tables bases and abstract art, fine furniture design and more, with endless potential - only limited by your imagination. For all genuine enquiries please contact Robert directly on 0429 614 453 or email