Tasmanian Blackhearted Sasafrass

Tasmanian Blackhearted Sasafrass new sets coming soon, some of the most stunning sets we have had in stock for a while, few woods on the market can match the striking colour contrasts found in this tonewood species, tonally in the range of mahogany -walnut -rosewood mix.

Praise from Taylor Guitars’ Andy Powers

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Taylor Custom GA Tasmanian Blackhearted Sassafras Tasmanian blackhearted sassafras back & sides, sourced sustainably by Tasmanian Tonewoods for Taylor Guitars. A note from Taylor’s ANDY POWERS about the wood… Blackhearted Sassafras – this is a rare one. The sassafras tree is a slow growing, dense, light color wood with an incredibly fine texture. Once in […]