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Tasmanian Salvaged Resurrection Timbers specializes in providing you with highly figured Tasmanian Exotic hardwoods these rare and beautiful woods are sought after by stringed instrument makers, Intarsia craft – Cabinet furniture makers & box makers world wide if you want to build for that something special one of a kind project please contact us.  [email protected]

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About Robert Mac Millan

We export world wide specialized luthier supplies selectively harvested exotic hardwoods.  Tasmanian native hardwoods for fine cabinet furniture makers & Box makers we export world wide.

Robert Mac Millan has worked with timber for over fifty years. Robert is a craftsman operating a timber salvage business which processes timber ready for supply to customers worldwide. Timber is selected based on Robert’s experience in determining the quality and artistic merits of each piece.

Tasmanian Salvaged Resurrection Timbers Pty Ltd Have forged a formidable reputation over the years by supplying high quality Tasmanian Tonewoods- Timbers & Burls for you to turn into works of Art. We will only salvage and source the best timbers available.


As committed conservationists we take pride in collecting timber in ways that will conserve the environment.

It is deplorable what has happened to the worlds old growth forests over the past decades even here in Tasmania.

With the worlds exotic traditional tonewoods dangerously depleted and close to extinction now is the time to discover what Australian luthiers have known for years that Tasmanian tonewoods offer excellent sound volocity and density required for your custom build musical instruments.

Here at Tasmanian tonewoods we work with private land owners and friends with the same environmental views and only harvest and selective log sustainable managed working forests this way the forests will go on forever.


Being part of an industry that is solely dependent on wood as its precious resource it would be inconceivable for us not to advocate and support the protection and responsible management of the worlds forests in anyway possible.

It is our conviction and duty to individually as well as professionally assume responsible in this field. Individually we can not stand idly by, and see the planet’s natural renewable resource to be exploited on a scale that would ultimately come back to haunt us and future generations. Professionally we need sustainable management of forests to ensure the regeneration of our valued resource.

With unique tonewoods and speciality veneers plus high figured timbers of exceptional quality being our main focus, we are always doing our best to utilize a tree to the full extent by select harvesting only mature trees and manufacturing them into the best possible yield process, we firmly respect our products and the resources behind it and are genuinely excited by the incredible beauty and variety which wood has to offer.

Why use wood?

Timber is a natural material which is naturally renewable as a resource. It is probably the most versatile material known to man. It has a high strength to weight ratio and good thermal properties. It can be sawn, riven, drilled, carved and turned. Generally, it is easily glued. Sawing across or along the grain will expose differently pleasing features of the same species. Timber can be finished by sawing, planning, or sanding and polished, painted, oiled or varnished, any of which can enhance the natural product in different ways.

Timber can be naturally preserved by drying, but if the species is susceptible to rotting as some narrow leafed species can be, it can be preserved by pressure impregnation of chemicals. There is a market today in all waste products accumulated from the production of timber products.

There is much debate today over the conservation of forests worldwide and the use of timber. Trees should be regarded as a crop and as such should be harvested at maturity, so that a natural resource is not wasted. This should be followed by replanting and commercially efficient husbandry to complete a full cycle.

Whilst widespread devastation of forests should be deplored, it should also be remembered that a selective felling policy does not destroy the forest and allows natural regeneration giving employment to many and valuable foreign currency for exporting countries.

Wood is aesthetically pleasing with totally natural characteristics and a multitude of beautiful colours, textures, properties and strengths which have never been successfully copied with modern materials.