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At Tasmanian Tonewoods we export Tasmanian Specialised Luthier supplies worldwide.

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Tonewood for custom build musical instruments for that perfect tone.

Instruments below were built by customers using tonewoods supplied by Tasmanian Tonewoods. If you would like to see your work here please contact me.

Flamenco Guitar by Malcolm Morgan

Flamenco guitar Tasmanian Mountain Ash back and sides king billy soundboard supplied by Tasmanian Tonewoods. Build by Malcolm Morgan.

Latest Fender Telecaster custom shop build

Western Australian York Gum Burl top supplied by yours truly.

Custom Build by Cole Clark Guitars

Tonewoods supplied by Tasmanian Tonewoods. Tasmanian Blackhearted Sassafras soundboard Tasmanian Tiger Myrtle back and sides and Blackwood neck.

Teardrop Archtop Guitar by Gary Rizzolo

The Teardrop ‘New Yorker model’ Archtop guitar was first made in 1957 by new York luthier John D’Angelico for Peter Giradi who was in a group called ‘The Teardrops’ Read more...

Paddy Burgin

Tasmanian fiddleback Mountain Ash weissenborn. Burgin guitars and Weissenborn.

Build by Nick Harris

Back and sides Tasmanian Blackhearted Sassafras, Soundboard Tasmanian old growth Blackwood. In the words of the customer: the best guitar he had ever played, the sound is absolutely amazing, it rings on for ages. I can't believe what an incredible instrument it is. Mark Bailey, the luthier in Scotland that does the luthier course, said that he had not heard a brand new guitar sound so good.

New build by Cole Clark Guitars - Grand Auditorium with Tasmanian King Billy soundboard and Huon Pine back & sides

Custom build by Santa Cruz Guitars using Tasmanian Blackwood

Maton's Tasmanian Blackhearted Sassafras Traditional.

Custom build by Head luthier Andy Allen at Maton Guitars Box Hill Melbourne Australia. Back & sides supplied by Tasmanian Tonewoods

Ukuleles using Tasmanian Sassafras and Highly Figured Blackwood

Raindrop Blackwood Ukulele built by David Aumann

Sassafras Baritone Ukulele built by David Aumann

Sassafras Tenor Ukulele #1 built by David Aumann

Sassafras Tenor Ukulele #2 built by David Aumann

Classical Guitars using King Billy and Huon Pine soundboards

Built by Bryan Rourke

Celerytop Pine Guitar

Built by by Gary Rizzolo, Rizzolo Guitars

Being a Tasmanian, I definitely an affinity with the islands beautiful woods.

I have quite a few favourite Tasmanian timbers for guitar-making and one of the stand outs is Celery Top pine, Phyllocladus aspleniifolius. In the rain forest its leaves stand out as being similar to ‘celery’ from where it takes it common name. It is slow growing and the trees can be up to 800 years old.

Its usage has been mainly in boat building and furniture making, but I love it for guitar making. I use it on the tops of my guitars and ukuleles where its straw coloured fine grain looks very similar to spruce. It is a tad heavier and quite stiff along the grain and therefore can be worked a lot thinner. To gain a similar flex to spruce it can be reduced in thickness by up to 20% or so.

When perfectly quarter sawn the growth rings are very fine around 20 to 40 annual rings per inch on average. The very fine straight grained lighter weight pieces I use for bracing stock.

Gary Rizzolo

"Hernandez" Flamenco

Built by Malcom Morgan. King Billy Top, Macrocarpra Back & Sides, Messmate Neck, Redgum Fretboard, Jarrah Bindings.

Robert's custom built Weissenborn

Built by Billy Tarrant/ Tarrant Guitars, Devonport Tasmania.

Front soundboard highly figured Tasmanian Blackwood, back and sides matching. My Mac Millan family motto included on the fretboard. Finger board inlay done by Stu Sonnyboy Forbes.


Custom Build Guitar by Jon Ward. Highly figured Tasmanian Blackwood top.

Double Bass build by Edward Gould

Tasmanian figured Myrtle.​


Taylor Guitars 2014 Fall Limited Editions


    AC Alan Cringean Uber Finn R type 5.

    • Top Wood Tasmanian fiddleback Eucalyptus. Body wood butternut.
    • Accent veneer wenge – body finish Satin lacquer. 

      Peter Coombe Mandolin

      • Soundboard Tasmanian King Billy
      • Back & Sides fiddleback blackwood
      • Bindings Gidgee – Fingerboard Lacewood
      Alternative Text    

        Custom build by Andrew Clarke – Screaming Eagle Guitars

        • Body is Tasmanian Blackwood cap with Bluegum accent on 80 year old Australian Red Cedar
        • Neck is Tasmanian Myrtle, Blackbutt, Blackwood Laminate with Blackwood
        • Headplate and Bluegum accent Fretboard is high density fiddleback Tasmanian Mountain Ash

        Custom build by Alan Cringean – AC Custom Bass & Guitars 0144 Finn R Type 6 Headless

        • Top Wood: Maracarpra
        • Body Wood: Black Limba
        • Accent Veneer: Wenge
        • Body Finish: Satin Lacquer
        • Neck Wood: Purpleheart/Wenge/Maple 28 fret 33″ scale
        • Fingerboard: Acrylic Impregnated Birdseye Heartwood Maple
        • Neck Finish: Satin Lacquer

        Custom build by Alan Cringean – AC Custom Bass & Guitars 0134 recurve Classic 6

        • Tasmanian myrtle burl top & headstock swamp ash body. 7 piece Wenge
        • Maple neck and mac ebony finger board – ACG FB Humbuckers in a wenge & Myrtle burl ramp – ACG EQ03 5K Duel filter pre amp Satin finish.

        Custom build by Andrew Clarke Screaming Eagle Guitars

        The purple beast – Tasmanian Mountain Ash caps front top and back, Tasmanian Blackwood/Silver Ash neck, Silver Quandong core. In the words of Andrew Clarke Screaming Eagle guitars Without doubt, the most “crisp” sounding guitar he has made to date. In my mind that’s something, as everyone I have seen him build is pure craftsmanship Andrew is a great luthier.

        Custom build by Andrew Clarke Screaming Eagle Guitars

        Fiddleback Mountain Ash top and headplate. Spalted myrtle body plus blackwood – peppermint, Rose maghogany neck & Satin box accents.

        Alan Cringean Bass – Finn classic Fretless 5

        Tasmanian Myrtle burl top

        P-Nut Warwick signature Bass. 111 Tasmanian Burled Blackwood

        Alan Cringean build – AC custom guitars & Basses

        Top Tasmanian Macrocarpa – Monterey Cypress, with Ash Wedge body.

        Opal bent sides double cut by Stu Eadie, Bluestoneguitars

        Tasmanian highly figured top and back – blackwood headplate – blackwood bound F.holes.
        Mick Brierley Humbucker pickups.

        Custom build Tenor Guitar by Chris Larkin custom guitars

        Back & sides Tasmanian Fiddleback blackwood.

        Acoustic build by Robert Ditterich – Dittrich Violins

        Back & Sides Tasmanian Figured Blackwood – Neck Tasmanian Fiddleback Blackwood.

        Salace 6 Headless – Alan Cringean AC Hand crafted Basses & Guitars

        Top Tasmanian Macrocarpa

        Builds by Malcolm F. Rowe Luthier

        Guitar No. 001. Figured Blackwood back amp; sides & blackwood neck.
        King Billy Pine soundboard.

        Builds by Malcolm F. Rowe Luthier

        Guitar No. 002. figured Blackwood back & sides – blackwood neck.

        Builds by Malcolm F. Rowe Luthier

        Guitar No. 003. Figured Blackwood back & sides, blackwood neck, King Billy Pine soundboard

        Builds by Malcolm F. Rowe Luthier

        Guitar No. 004. Figured Blackwood back & sides & blackwood neck.
        King Billy Pine soundboard.

        Tenor Ukulele build by Joe Brady

        Back & Sides plus Soundboard Tasmanian Fiddleback Blackwood – Blackwood Neck – Cheesewood Bindings.

        Bass by Alan Cringean AC Custom guitars & Bass

        Top Tasmanian Myrtle Burl


        Recurve single cut 5. 5 string Bass build by Alan Cringean AC custom guitars & Bass

        Highly figured fiddleback compression Tasmanian Blackwood Top & Back

        Build by Billy Tarrant – Tarrant Guitars

        Tasmanian blackwood Neck, Back & Sides Huon Pine Soundboard

        Lola And the Tasmanian Tonewood Trio Baritone by Andrew Clarke – Screaming Eagle Guitars

        Tasmanian blackhearted sasafrass -Tasmanian blackwood & Tasmanian myrtle.

        Basses by Alan Cringean AC Guitars

        Basses by Alan Cringean AC Basses & Guitars Tasmanian gum vein burl.

        Build by Bryan Rourke. U.S.A.

        Tasmanian Fiddleback Myrtle back & sides – Tasmanian myrtle neck -myrtle burl rosette – Tasmanian Huon pine soundboard.

        Stu Eadie Bluestone custom Guitars

        6 string bent sides Bass Tasmanian blackhearted Sasafrass top & back.

        Peter Brown

        Single cutaway blackwood beauty chambered – Tasmanian blackwood top & backplate & laminated blackwood neck.

        Tasmanian Eucalyptus guitar by Peter Coombe

        Tasmanian Mountain ash back & sides – Tasmanian Myrtle rosette.

        Guitar Build by Bryan Rourke

        Tasmanian fiddleback blackwood back & sides – king billy soundboard – Tasmanian blackwood neck.

        Paddy Burgin Weissenborns builds Tasmanian Fiddleback blackwood back & sides & soundboard

        Weissenborn Build by Paddy Burgin

        Mandolin Peter Coombe

        Back & Sides Tasmanian Eucalyptus -Pickguard Tasmanian fiddleback blackwood – Bindings Tasmanian Myrtle

        Asylum build Andrew Clarke

        Tasmanian Fiddleback Mountain Ash top

        Revelation Guitar by Andrew Clarke

        Top & Headstock mottled Tasmanian blackwood and fiddleback mountain ash edging

        Guitar build Jon Ward Etherealguitars

        Metal Series build. Highly figured old growth Tasmanian blackwood

        Guitar build Stuart Eadie – Bluestoneguitars

        Tasmanian Blackhearted Sasafrass Singlecut Semi -Hollow

        Tenor Ukulele by Gary Rizzolo

        Back & Sides and neck wood fiddleback Tasmanian blackwood – Soundboard Tasmanian celery top.
        Headstock birdseye – Huonpine.

        Guitar Stuart Eadie Bluestoneguitars

        Tasmanian Tiger myrtle Carvetop blackwood and purpleheart Body

        Build by Bryan Rourke

        Tasmanian blackhearted Sasafrass back & sides – Alpine spruce soundboard

        Guitars by Chris Larkin custom guitars Ireland

        Tasmanian blackwood back & sides

        And more..