Cutting up some backs for acoustic guitars from a billet Bob had sent me I was thinking about how far from Ireland this beautiful tree had grown and how fortunate I was to have got my hands on some of it! Thanks Bob for great wood and great service, Bob supplies beautiful native Tasmanian woods that he salvages, his figured Tasmanian blackwood is astonishing I have a complaint though. You live too far away which adds to the shipping costs. How about you re-locate to Europe?”

Chris Larkin Custom Guitars

When sourcing Tasmanian tonewoods, I have found it of much importance to have someone I can explain to exactly what I require and how it will be used so I receive the correct billets I need. This requires a person who has an in depth knowledge of species and variants in tasmanian timbers, types of colouring and figure , cut selection and an
understanding of what a guitar builder requires in a tonewood. I find all these qualities in Robert Mac Millan. This is why I continually source my timbers through Bob.

Stuart Eadie – BluesTone Guitars

Robert Mac Millan is passionate about Tasmanian Tonewoods and is a great bloke to deal with, my conjurer build Tasmanian highly figured fiddleback blackwood was sourced from an old growth salvaged standing dead tree this example confirms Bob’s reputation as one of the worlds finest tonewood suppliers.

Jon Ward – Ethereal Guitars.

Getting my hands on some timber from Robert at Tasmanian tonewoods is never disappointing. It’s always first class, and something really special. I love the ethics behind “salvaged” tonewoods too. Being able to deal one on one with a tonewood supplier is important to me and that’s what you get with Robert.

Billy Tarrant
Tarrant Guitar’s

Having found Tasmanian Tonewoods I got in touch with Robert to see about getting some of his woods round to the other side of the world.
Much to my surprise he is a fellow Scot and equally to my surprise he was perfectly happy to call me to have a chat about the order.
Robert is a pleasure to deal with which gave me the confidence to order several pallets worth of wood from him. Normally I like to see what I am buying but I was happy to say to Robert this is the budget send me some good woods. I was not disappointed in what arrived. The only problem now is resisting getting more. If like me you are always looking for something different you owe it to yourself to give Robert a call.

Alan Cringean
Owner AC Guitars.

I have ordered a half-dozen sets of Robert’s various tonewoods, and have been surprised each time by the careful hand-selection and quality of sets he manages to supply. Since building my first guitar from Tasmanian wood, Robert has treated me as an old friend, always looking for something special for my next one. I have tried King Billy and huon pine tops, with terrific sounding results. The backs seem to be even more beautiful with each order – make sure you ask him for whatever he has just off the saw!

Shipping to the USA has been fast and the wood arrives in heavily wrapped and padded packaging. There’s always been a extra amount of wood to use from the generous cuts of the billets, or something for a rosette or headstock as well.

I have been delighted to try so many new Tasmanian woods for everything from necks, to bindings to tops. Each guitar has a markedly different and unique voice from the wood combinations, and the look under finish is just stunning.

I’ll never have better, more personal customer service from another wood supplier, and I’ll be coming back to Tasmanian Tonewoods for as long as I build!

Bryan Rourke