Freight & delivery

The charges for your country’s taxes or import duties are not included in your payment to us for your purchase or shipping. These costs, if any are your additional responsibility.

Tasmanian Salvaged Resurrection Timbers is proud of its reputation as a reliable and trustworthy supplier of quality Tasmanian timber, and a major part of this has been earned by our attention to the high standard of our shipping and freight service. We strive to ensure that all stock is packaged and shipped securely, and timely.

Read our Product Warranty & Shipping Terms here.

Terms of trade: Custom orders require 50% deposit. Balance after packing & before Despatch.

International Orders (outside Australia)

Free shipping is available on some selected acoustic back and side sets and drop tops for Electric and Bass guitars only. 

All International customer orders are able to contact our Shipping Agent directly. As both International Exchange rates & overseas Shipping Charges may change frequently it is always preferable to contact the Shipping Agent directly for up-to-date freight information.

For all orders outside of Australia, please contact me directly for exact shipping and freight costs.

Orders up to 20kg can be delivered by mail. Orders over 20kg, a minimum 1m³ freight rate will apply, this applys to overseas sea freight only.

Please note: International delivery costs do not include any duties or taxes which may be applied by customs at your destination country. Any duties or taxes incurred are the responsibility of the recipient. By law we are required to declare the full value of your order.

Within Tasmania

Tasmanian clients can simply contact Robert Mac Millan directly. Robert usually provides a prompt delivery service within Tasmania, and will deliver stock to your door if possible.

Interstate (within Australia)

Australian customers outside Tasmania can contact Robert Mac Millan directly. This will ensure rapid and accurate delivery.
Contact us for more details

Within Australia we use Tasfreight for all of our transport movements where possible.