Blackhearted Sassafras

Blackhearted Sassafras

Botanical Name: Atherosperma Moschatum.

Black Hearted Sassafras is a beautifull tonewood known for its well rounded open sound and clear treble response.

Of all the Tasmanian Timbers Sassafras has the most dynamic colouring with distinctive golden tones, dark browns, black and even green streaking running through the wood. Few woods on the market can match the striking colour contrasts found in this species.Tonally in the range of the Mahoganies and walnuts with the characteristics of both good balance across the range, Easy to work bend and finish, light and strong. Expect an open sound with nice separation and sparkling highs.


(air dry) kg m³


Sound velocity

(along grain) m s¹


(10^6 lb/sq. in)

Dimension Unit Green to 12% MC
Tang. * 6.5 4396 *
Rad. * 2.5