Praise from Taylor Guitars' Andy Powers

Robert Mac Millan

Taylor Custom GA Tasmanian Blackhearted Sassafras

Tasmanian blackhearted sassafras back & sides, sourced sustainably by Tasmanian Tonewoods for Taylor Guitars.

A note from Taylor’s ANDY POWERS about the wood…

Blackhearted Sassafras - this is a rare one. The sassafras tree is a slow growing, dense, light color wood with an incredibly fine texture. Once in a while, certain trees will have a bacteria that creates a vividly colored area in the heart of the tree. This dark area is known for being “black”, but really shows a bunch of different colors-very deep violet purpleish colors, greens, reds, and a variety of earthy organic colors. Sonically, it is a bit of an enigma to me-it has the clear, focused balance of maple, but the warmth and character of mahogany-walnut-rosewood mix. It really is a wood with its own personality.

The way I’ve been acquiring it I couldn’t be happier with. We’ve begun working with an local Tasmanian guy who is sustainably sourcing these trees as well as a few other species from private farmland. The model is to take only the trees past maturity, or those which have fallen from natural causes from privately owned farm land. The fallen tree is then replaced with the same species tree in the same location so the future generations will continue to have their family woodlots intact. - Andy

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